Sunday, 23 March 2014

On the catwalk

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway"
This years fashion week was hosted by
Virgin Airline. 
Which made it known as VAMFF.
Runway 7 was the show to be at presented by the magazine Shop and graced by the presents of  Shakuhaci, Secret South, Alice McCall, Macgraw, Limedrop and Nevenka.
The night started with a turn of events since my friend and I's tickets were brought last minute, our seats were at least 10 rows from the front. Just before the show started a nice lady who worked at the event took us to some spare seats second row from the front. This was a spectacular view my friend and I were very grateful!! The show was filled with amazing looks. From what I gathered from the assortment of each label's collection, patterned fabrics and flashes of bright colours mixed with shades of black and white seemed to be the style for the seasons to come. 

Shakuhaci embraced us with its floral jungle girl vibe with sheer sophistication. Lime drops brought us an assortment of pastel infushion trend which sported a chic business women do. The floral red number  little number from Secret South sure was one to impress.Those crisp wind brim hats and we can forget the plastic visors. I adored mostly the purple lilac chiffon dress. The fabric; how it draped, the way the model walked was stunning. Alice McCall never ceases to let me down. This season they brought us a collection inspired by none other than NEW YORK NEW YORK. My most favourite piece of the night was the New York city top and skirt. I just loved the bright vibrant primary colours and the artwork. The rest of her collection supported bright and fun reds, yellows mixed with white and black to brake up the looks. "I see red, I see red, I see red," said Macgraw. I love the red coat and patterned blazers of leaves. Was a fresh fun look built for that office girl by day or party girl by night. Nevenka's use of crochet with a light weighted fabric was very bohemian and gave a very earth child like vibes. I like the idea of maxi dresses for the colder months. Who said you can't wear dresses this autumn winter any way?!!!

The fashion show proved to be quite excellent as per usual. There's quite a few things that a screaming to get in my wardrobe. Until next march.

For now 
"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."
                                                                                                       Gianni Versace
Xo D.I.A.N.A

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Before the show

The second week of March marks the season for fashion week!!!
And you know what that means... 
The drape of that fabric, the flow of those pleats and that crisp cut hem line, ooh it makes any girl faint at the knee's. Not only do we attend fashion week to see just see the models on the runway
 but for the amazing fashion on the red carpet before hand. Styling your look for the show is just as fun as attending.The weather was wet and the sky was grey but that didn't stop the look I styled to rock.
The dress was vintage from a thrift store with a sash to cinch in the waist. Accessorised with a vintage turban and maroon mesh clutch. To put the icing on the cake I paired it with faux fur and cute black peep toes suede wedges. It was not the best combo for the rain but hey the rain wasn't gonna stop me. Plus who dresses for the weather these days.?

Before the show, my friend and I went to a nice Italian restaurant. We had a fine wine, an entree of anchovies and patte, followed by some delicious Gnooki.
The night was going well so far and the fashion show made it even better.

Tune in for my next post where I shall unveil the makings of beautiful craftsmanship by 
Alice Mccall, Shakuhaci, Nevenka, Limedrop, Macgraw and Secret south.

For now remember, 
"A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous"
                                                        Coco Chanel 

Xo D.I.A.N.A

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Let's have a festa!!!

So lately I've been a little slow at writing. Things have been super busy with the starting of something new to come. You guys will be informed very soon. This post is a little old as the event happened at the end of February but I thought better late then never.

On the last few weeks of February marks a date for an event a small town likes to call Pako Festa.I have been attending this event since I was a child. It's a day when a town embraces and celebrate its multi culture. A day when a town shows its love for equality in race. A annual parade is held every year honouring a variety of cultures from all around the world. This march take place on the very long street of Pakington and makes its way down to the park. The highlights of the day involve the delicious cultural food, cultural dancing, the parade and attending stalls filled with goodies.

I was quite excited getting ready for the event this year I wore
Thrift store-Dress
Dangerfield- Hat
Market- sunnies
Vintage- Bag
Target- Shoes

It was a beautiful day, I attended with my younger sister I like to call the munchkin! We had a great Macedonian lunch Kevapi in a roll, went thrift store shopping, took snaps, observed cute boys and posed for our cute polaroid photos. As per usual the day was a blast until next year!

 Skin is just a colour on our faces 
You slice us in half we all bleed the same blood
We all drink and eat to survive
We strive to be happy
We work to live
We share 
We love
We are all the same

"equality is for life"