Sunday, 7 September 2014

The week with fashion - Russian doll

I'm not generally one to post thousands of pictures just of my self, but with an outfit like this I couldn't resist. I needed to show the world. The one thing I pride myself in is styling and putting a look together. This years fashion week I was quite excited to show off my threads. My inspiration this year was 70's bohemian inspired with a mix of russian and french vibes. Being as it was the start of spring, a floral dress was perfect to suit the season as well as beautiful day. The dress was vintage handmade which I paired with a russian styled vintage suede coat. The outfit was accessorised with a mustard beret and clutch. To top off the look I paired it with my oversized cat eye sunglasses which I absolutely adore! 

Tune in to my next post to see the...


Xo Diana

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TBT- The one with a hot ball of lava

So as you guys have probably gathered by now I'm a bit of nerd and I'm darn proud. As you can tell from the images above I love Starwars and Lord of the rings and many other Sci-fi/fantasy/anime shows. Supernova is an annual event I love to attend. It's filled with amazing merchandise and you get to meet stars from your favourite films and series what's not to love. Plus everyone dresses in Cosplay which is awesome. I'm yet to do Cosplay, I always run out of time to make something. My Princess Leia fabric is sitting in my fabric stash as we speak! I remember the day to be quite swell, it was mainly based around my sister meeting the cast of Adventure Time. As you can see in the image above she got to meet Jake aka Bender in Futurama ( John Dimaggo) and Finn (Jeremy Shada). I also got to meet them as I waited in line with her...score.My goodies this time round were pretty much Walking Dead based as I love that show and Daryl Dixon CLAIMED haha. So excited only one month to go until it's back on yippee!!! 

I look forward to next years Supernova, I hope Alyssa Milano and Julian McMahon comes oh that would be something!

Hope ya'll have a splendid day 

Xo Diana

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

TBT - A Golden Weekend

Golden Plains


< * ! Music ! * >
< *! Dance !* >
< *! Fashion !* >
< *! Vintage !* >
< *! Camping !* >
< *! Booze !* >
< *! Art !* >


Today starts my throw back thursday segment. I will be putting together blogs upon past events. As I have been very behind in my blogging, it sadden me to not be able to show you the adventures I have had. So as of today, on thursdays I will take you guys on a journey through the past.
 Enjoy and buckle up!

X.O Diana 

“You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.” 
- Jane Austen

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

L . I . F . E

Life is what happens to you well your busy making other plans

Today I quote the words of the legendary Mr John Lennon. This phrase has stuck with me for quite sometime as I believe it to be very true. Life has taken an unexpected turn of events this past couple of months. I have finally come to terms with my true hopes and dreams. I feel it is final time to shut that little voice in my head telling my I may not succeed or I'm to scared to try. I will no longer let fear stand in my way no more! I am changing my ways. I'm going to try more things and live a little more. I'm looking forward to new beginning and learning new things. 

By bringing forward my dreams to you guys. I feel it as a form of encouragement, since now I've put them out there I have more of a chance of following them. 

They are the following:

  • Join a dance class
  • Go back and study
  • Learn French
  • Make time for creativity 
  • Travel 
  • Design again 
  • Learn how to play an instrument 
  • Blog more!!!! 
I'm sure there are many many other things to add to the list, but for now this list will be my aim to begin with. I am really excited to start this adventure!!!  

Once again I apologise for my absents in the blogging world. I do miss writing on here/ blogging pictures and am going to make a better effort to blog more. There are so many moments that I haven't had a chance to blog about this year, which I was sad about. Fear not though, I have come up with a way to catch you all up! I will be creating a throw back thursday page on a weekly to fortnightly basest to catch every one up and just show you all my adventures as I love to share and take pictures.

I look forward to blogging again

Farewell, my pretties

X.O. Diana

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Time after time

So to me it feels like a century has gone by since my last post. I apologise for my absence, things have been pretty crazy, quiet a lot has happened. I thought I would dedicate this post to the past month or so and fill you in what you guys have missed. I will, however, do a more in depth piece on a few events from this month such as my label Anna & Freud, Supanova and Discount Universe!!!!


 As per usual I have received my monthly vogue. This Prada spread always gets my juices following. I'm such a huge fan on this collection.


 I visited yet another music festival by the name of Golden plains.


 As of a month ago, I have officially launched my own label; Anna & Freud. It is a ladies street wear label that offers one off originals designs with quirky colourful fabrics. I shall fill you in more on another post, feel free to check us out and like us on Facebook. You can find on the link below.


My love for classic movies grows and grows, as per usual. I aim to watch more day by day and fill my brain from amazing classics of the past like the beauty Sinbad and the eye of the tiger.


The final of The Walking Dead has also come. I am quiet sad about this because it doesn't return to our screens until October, and its one of my favourite shows!!! It had quite a phenomenal cliff hanger. Can't wait to see how the gang get themselves out of this one!!!


 I've discovered another crazy and very amazing label who shares the love for colours and Avant Garde design as I do, "Mary Me Jimmy Paul." They're destined for greatness.


 I'm officially 22!!! My birthday was quite a joyous occasion filled with Marilyn Monroe presents and the viewing of Captain America's latest film, The Winter Solider.



I had been dying to wear this amazing embroidered dress from Ishka. Was so excited when the occasion finally arose!

MY GIRLS!!!!! <3

My gal pals and I ready for a night on the town.


I also got a very cool vintage style bike, Star Wars figurines, a mesh bag and an amazing       patchwork/beaded/embroidered pillow from Ishka. I was quite spoilt. 


 Oh man Chris Evans, what a hunk! <3


Discount universe brought out a new collection which shocked the world! It is truly amazing. So much creativity, love, colour and just plain awesomeness went into this collection.


 I attended Supanova once again. It was amazing as per usual. Here is a photo of me and my Precious.


I finally read the book of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as I have always wanted too!


I discovered yet another amazing label, Nympha sin city their latest collection and boy it really is a Sin to not share it to the world!!!


I was a good enough girl this year for the easter bunny to visit as you can see from the picture. I had a lovely day with the family and played checkers for the first time versing myself. Who knew you could lose to yourself. 



And last but not least, my yearly tradition on holding a Charmed marathon starting season 1 all the way to season 8.

That my pretties, is what you've missed out on the past month. I hope you enjoy the catch up. I look forward to writing more through on the pieces I've talked about above and showing you all the amazing imagery. I aim to try and stay up to date now, finger crossed. 
But for now, remember,

"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life".

Xo Diana